Betting on NBA

The betting opportunities on the NBA matches are many and really interesting. The most exciting of them are under – over for the total scored points by both teams and the handicap betting options which give an advantage to one of the teams.

This betting evens the class of both teams and thus offer equal odds of winning to any of them. Usually the odds for these betting options are 1.91.

The equalization of classes of both teams allows you to make some slightly different betting analyses. It’s about what is expected from the bookmakers for every of the respective teams.

If you make the effort to track the results of all 82 matches from the regular season for each of the teams in the NBA, you’ll notice thatBetting on NBA most of them end with a performance almost equal to its under / over matches or Asian handicap. This is because for the bookmaker is important to have equal sharing of results and consequently the bets to realize their profits.

If you look in greater details at the performance of individual teams you will see that the majority of them throughout the season don’t go beyond the 50/50 distribution of results. There are few that stand firmly within 60-65% in one direction, but you will notice that for each of these teams we have another one in the opposite direction. In other words, the bookies are trying to keep the balance no matter what happens on the pitch.

There is even more. Usually during the season we have two or three teams that are the most interesting of all. They constantly vary and jump from one direction to another. If you manage to understand their jumps from overs to unders and from losing to winning on Asian handicap you will have great opportunities for earning some money from betting.

Anyway, what I want to share is the fact that the bookies are trying to keep their balance, which makes them vulnerable. If you are able to find their trends you can successfully use it for profit from betting without even knowing NBA teams or the game itself.

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