Barcelona – Real Madrid – my betting prediction

The biggest derby in Europe will be played this weekend. On Sunday against each other will stand FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Camp Nou will be the arena of the direct battle for the Golden Ball award between Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The winner, especially if it is Barcelona, will take a solid lead in the standings in Spain, for instance Barcelona will be with 11 points ahead of Real Madrid and this is just after 7 rounds.
Barcelona - Real Madrid
Hardly anyone imagined something like this when Pep Guardiola left Barcelona at the end of last year and Tito Vilanova replaced him as the head coach of the team. Now I remember that the expectations in the first year of Guardiola as a head coach were for him not to do so well, but then Barcelona became champion.

I don’t know if it will happen again because Barcelona have had a light schedule so far, but the fact is that Real Madrid have some problems in the squad. If they don’t do the necessary things quickly, Mourinho will have serious problems.

The betting houses put Barcelona in the role of a major favourite in this match. Currently the odds for their victory are about 1.75, which is really low for a match against Real Madrid. This immediately brings me to the possibilities for a victory for Real Madrid with an Asian Handicap advantage with one goal for Madrid. This betting option offers odds of 1.6, which is not small at all since even a loss for Real Madrid with one goal will recover the money from the bet.

Let me repeat that Barcelona has a new coach and certainly is not at the level of the last year. If you look at the recent history of the battles between these two giants you will see that Barcelona managed only 3 times to win at the Camp Nou with more than one goal margin. The opposite has happened 15 times. So this bet would be successful in 15 of 18 cases, which would give a 33% ROI.

Such a good betting option shouldn’t be missed and I don’t intend to.

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